Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pretty Paper Party

I signed up and started a new Shimelle class this past week called Pretty Paper Party. I am loving it so far! I have been enjoying reading the daily prompts where I get to see fantastic artwork by Shimelle and many guests artists that she has brought along for the ride. Plus I'm learning oodles of things about using pretty paper!
Now, when I signed up for this class, I knew that I wouldn't get any crafting done the first week because our schedule was very hectic, but I still wanted to be along for the ride. Over the weekend, I managed to squeeze in one page for one of the prompts. So, here's my offering, my page created from prompt #2 about using patterned paper for a background:

This page was definitely out of my comfort zone - I rarely use patterned paper for a full background. In fact, here's the shocker (to me) I used only one measly little piece of cardstock on this entire page! That's right, everything else is patterned. I relied heavily on Shimelle's page example for the placement of embellishments since I am still learning my way around this layering and clustering style. I was a bit insecure about it but I can't learn unless I try it, right?
 Hopefully I'll have a bit more time this week, so I'll be back soon with more Pretty Paper Partying!!


Emily said...

Love this layout! That photo is so gorgeous!!!! Wow. So very pretty! I am loving this class, aren't you? I can't wait to see what else you make for the class!!

Alison said...

You've made a great job of your first page..and the embellishment cluster looks fab!
Alison xx

theelfqueen said...

It turned out really nice! I am enjoying the class, too, although I JUST got around to starting to do any SCRAPPING from it!