Friday, October 21, 2011

Bye, Bye Summer!

The weather here has certainly made the turn toward has been a little bit too rainy and wet for the past six weeks (rain, rain, go away!!), but when the wind finally blows the clouds out, we have sunny skies with crisp, cooler air. Our yearly Halloween party is coming up and thoughts of the holiday season are starting to tickle around the edge of my mind.
 Today I thought I'd take one glance back at our summer and show you a layout from my brother's wedding. He got married in NYC at the very end of July. It was a beautiful wedding and we had some wonderful times hanging out with family members we love but don't get to see often enough.
 I haven't done any other layouts of his wedding yet...I will certainly get to the traditional couple and ceremony focused layouts eventually, but my inspiration led me first to create this layout:

For me, this layout shows the treasure of having so many people you love in one place at one time. That's really what a wedding is all about, right? The love of the bride and groom, for sure, but also the love and support of everyone around them.
             I cherish my family...

 So many precious faces - this is why I was inspired to scrap this first. I just think these show the joy that is supposed to surround a wedding! There is nothing quite as wonderful as seeing someone you love absolutely giddy with joy...

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