Monday, October 24, 2011

More Pretty Paper

I needed a bit of me-time this evening, so I carved out a little scrappy time to work on my PPP class. For those of you following along in class, I started out with today's prompt (#7) and chose to work from the formula at the end (1a + 1b + 3c). From there, I was trolling through the prompts for a sketch and I had a number of strips of paper, so this layout also fits prompt #1. Here's what I came up with:
 Truthfully, I really fought with this layout. It came out ok, I think, but about halfway through I almost started over. My 1+1+3 was 1 stripe, 1 floral, and 3 small-size, uniform patterns. It wasn't working for me, not sure why, so I added three borders (two at the top, one at the bottom) and I liked it a bit better. Guess I need a bit more practice with combining patterns!
 I do like how the embellishments came out; I used a rub-on sentiment on the metal frame and it worked nicely.
Any thoughts on the total package?


Emily said...

Beautiful layout!! I love the strips of papers and the colors and patterns that you chose for this!! It's perfect!!!!

Karma said...

I really like this...the combinations work because there is continuity in the colors. I'm learning from furniture shopping that all sorts of designs can be put together and it adds dimension and keeps the eye interested. Nice job! Love the picture content too!)

Debbie P said...

This is a beautiful layout. I agree that the paper combos work perfectly. Wonderful job!

Alison said...

Your colours and patterns work wonderfully together!
Alison xx

theelfqueen said...

Whatever your "equation" was - the product was a great Layout! Really cute!