Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love Stories

I thought I'd sneak in with a new Love Story post since I noticed that I haven't done one in quite awhile. I need to get started again or I won't finish them up before our next anniversary!! hahaha! If you want to start at the beginning of the story, go here, or just check out the label on the right side that says 'love stories'.

Today I'm going to tell you the story behind this photo:
This photo was taken during our third year of marriage. One of our favorite things to do before our kiddos came along was to ride our bikes. During our second year of marriage, we did a 9-day 'roughing-it' trip in Canada with some friends. We carried all our supplies (food, tents, clothes) on our bikes and we did a 450 mile loop in western Canada starting and ending in Creston, B.C.
 We loved that trip so much that we continued to plan overnight trips on trails that were a bit closer to home. This picture was taken on the C & O canal trail with the Potomac River in the background. It's a lovely rail trail...not quite as vigorous as our Canadian ride, but fun and beautiful nonetheless.
 Comet, the little fluffball in the picture used to run alongside our bikes for miles at a time then, when he got tired, my hubby would pick him up and plunk him in a little basket we rigged on the back of his bike. Ah, the memories...
 We haven't done a trip like this since Big Brother came along, but it is significantly hard to bike and camp with a baby!! Now we have a bike trailer and we're slowly getting back into our riding. I know that eventually we will return to our camping/wandering ways. I would love our kids to experience that as they get older. It gives me such a sense of freedom and relaxation!
  Ever since our Canada trip, we've intended to do another long, touring-type trip someday. Maybe for our 20th anniversary we'll take an adventure cycling trip... Italy??? 

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