Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finishing Up!

I am just so excited to be finished with this baby shower album... I did a bunch of work on it right at the beginning, but since then it has sat in my cupboard. now I have another album I can bring out onto the shelves. Hooray! It's about time!
 I'm so glad I made the decision to take this album to my scrapbook retreat weekend. If you haven't tried a retreat weekend, I highly recommend them! Especially as a mom of young kids, it gives me a chance to create with continuity and in a relaxed manner. I don't have a time limit (naptime, bed time, eating time) and I don't have to supervise small crafters.
I used to go to these weekends and work constantly, trying to complete the very most I possibly could. My mentality was "I must get things DONE", my mentality is "I must relax, rest, and have FUN!" It's much nicer this way and I still get plenty done. One of my most favorite recent quotes is from Jeanette Lynton, the founder and CEO of Close To My Heart.
She said, "Having many photos to scrapbook doesn't mean I'm behind, it means I'm ALIVE."
 I just love that! 
Here are my last two layouts for the baby shower album.

 I had two showers before the arrival of my first son, and here I have one layout from each shower. The top layout is a collection of pictures of people who attended one and the bottom layout has a group picture in the upper left and a collection of present opening pictures on the right page. I found it very fun to look back at all the present pictures and see things that have been well used and well loved! that's exactly why I scrapbook! 
 All right, so next time I'm back with you, I promise a change of topic!! 
Until then...

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Gem's Crafts said...

Another couple of lovely LO's. Well done for completing your project :)