Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scrapbooking the Now...

Since my crafting table currently looks like this:
And has looked like that for almost a month - since the trees fell - I have been doing any scrapbooking I've had time for on Studio J. This week I was inspired by Amy and her challenge to scrapbook something from right now - something we've done this week. She said, "The idea is to be in the moment, act now, don't save the story for another day, when the stars are aligned or when you you have more paper - the stories happen now!"
 I happened to have one of my Git 'er Done crops on Friday night so I worked on several layouts, but thanks to Amy, I made sure to make one layout with photos from something that happened this week. Here it is:
These are some pictures from one of our fun music discovery sessions with my instrument. I get my viols out and carefully guide their discovery and experimentation. It's fun to guide their little hands and see their eyes widen when they produce a sound with their efforts. Thanks Amy for the encouragement to scrapbook my story as it happens!
Do you journal, blog, or scrapbook? What do you want to remember from this week?


JulieJ said...

I recognise that craft table - I have one looking just like it upstairs LOL. Lovely LO

S said...

Cute digi pages - I hope you get back to scrapping at your station really soon.

Alison said...

Love your page, and that you are sharing your music with your children!
Alison xx