Monday, April 18, 2011

That's a BIG pile o' sticks!

So, due to this mess:
I have no internet service at the house.

Our yard is on the right. Two trees fell in a severe storm on Saturday...the back left neighbor's tree snapped (he should have had it taken down long before this happened - it was clearly dying) and hit another tree causing it to fall as well. This picture doesn't really even do justice to the extent of the damage. I should say though that everyone is fine, no one was hurt. But, oh, the chaos!
Yesterday, this was the side street nearest our house:

And this was the street in front of our house:

The power company came out in force to restore power (thank you! thank you!) but our cable provider has yet to show up! Frustrating...especially since I have quite a number of reasons that I have to be online this week and it's just way too time consuming and unwieldy to do it all on my phone.
Tonight I hijacked hubby's computer with the fancy mobile broadband so that I could do some basic maintenance but really, this is still stressing me out:

And this:

Oh, and this too: (had enough yet?)
I like to have my ducks in a row...or at least be able to work on putting them in a row. Very obstinate ducks in this situation...running around willy-nilly with no hope at all of me catching them anytime soon!
So tell me, would this stress you out or are you a roll-with-it personality?


Melissa said...

Oh my, this would definitely stress me at first, but then I could regroup and roll with it! Hope everything is restored & cleaned up soon! designs said...

Stress, definitely! Hoping for a quick clean up for you!

Scribble Monster said...

Well I would be able to roll with anything if no-one was hurt-except internet access suspension ;)

I found you via BBFS.

Cheri said...

I would be sad for the loss of the trees. I could roll with the clean-up. But I wouldn't be happy about the no internet part for long!