Sunday, May 8, 2011

On My Mind Today

Today I've been thinking about being a mom (naturally, since it's Mother's Day here today) and, specifically that last Mother's Day, I had a tiny (or not so tiny!) baby. So I thought I'd share a couple mom-related layouts...
This one tells the story of my hubby trying (and succeeding) to make me laugh for some of my late-stage belly shots. It was my last orchestra concert set and I was tired of smiling and just tired in general, but he pulled off his mission with resounding success.
 Love the sparkle flower inside the heart!
 I was trying to capture the adorable pink pom-pom ribbon I used above the title but I don't think this picture is exactly right. Any of you photography gurus out there help me out with suggestions?

And here's that not-so-tiny baby I was telling you about...
 I tried calling him 'peanut' in the hospital and it just didn't fit. So, I decided to call my over 10 pound baby my walnut! Still little...but not little enough to be a peanut.
 I love the blue and gold...and the clear overlays...oh, and the buttons too. Pretty much just love all of it! It's one of my current favorite layouts!
 Stamping fun: the dark swirls are stamped on the dot paper and the stars were stamped then cut-out and adhered.
 Have you done anything crafty and mom-related recently - either for/about your mom or about being a mom yourself?
 I believe these pages are #19 and #20 in my 52 layout challenge...woo hoo!!

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