Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful Blooms

I love spring. I love everything fresh and new about it. I love the abundance of green after the brown and gray of winter; and I love the blooming bursts of radiant color - every plant showing off to greet the return of sunshiny warmth.  When we moved to this house a number of years ago, I had a very 'helpful' neighbor come over (while I was out happily planting things in my garden) and inform me that there was no use to planting anything but hostas because nothing else would grow in the shade underneath our full canopy of trees. I promptly set to work researching shade plants at my local nurseries and also by studying one of my favorite catalogs, White Flower Farm. I can now say after many years of experimenting, my gardens are quite lovely all year round!
Bergenia Cabernet:
 Dwarf Iris, purple & white ( dwarf bleeding heart in background):

 Virginia Bluebells (azaleas in the background):
 Brunnera, Jack Frost:
 Dwarf Iris, solid purple:
 Red Tulip:
 Yellow Tulip:
Aren't they just lovely? It brings me pleasure every time I walk in and out of my house. Are you a gardener? Do you have sun or shade? What is your favorite plant in your garden?

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Photographing Mom said...

Wow! Gorgeous colours!!!
My favourite planted flowers are my rhododendrons.