Sunday, February 27, 2011

Git 'er Done!!

I had SO much fun at my crop last night! A big shout out to my ladies who joined me for the fun times...

I am so glad I started these monthly crops. It is so great to have a scheduled time to work on my pages and chat with my friends!

This month I decided to use the brand new Fanfare Level 1 kit. Love this kit!! It's awesome for celebrations and seems to fit so many of my 'boy' pictures...I mean, they always seem to be wearing red or blue, right?!

See what ya think:
Open mouthed excitement... so characteristic of my fun little guy!

Action shots...

Celebrating Gigi!

Tasty embellishment treats...

Check out this yummy border! Too fun - I was so excited it matched!

Layouts #8, 9, and 10! Woot!

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