Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun

We had such a great time with Halloween this year! I haven't been much into Halloween since I was in my early teens...the adult dress-up thing never was terribly appealing to me. Just plain too much work!

However, having moved into a neighborhood that has a big brou-ha-ha Halloween celebration with a parade and more than a hundred kids, the fun of Halloween has reappeared in my life.

I feel like my almost 4-year old really 'got it' this year. He chose what he wanted to be back in early September and, as soon as October arrived, asked me when Halloween (and Trick-or-Treating) was on an almost daily basis. The candy must have made an impression on him last year!!

Here are a few of my favorite moments:

This was our costume rehearsal...trying on, pinning, adjusting. I made the mane, tail, and hooves for the horse so I wanted to make sure everything worked out.

The cow, I bought! (are you kidding me, I can't sew?!?!)

Here we are: the farm family.

My hubby was in charge of his own costume. Makes me crack up every time I see it!
I think he did a great job. Our horse apparently likes pumpkins rather than apples and carrots!

So, we didn't really think of it until someone called him 'Old McDonald' but that's really what he turned out to be! Here he's got his hands full with a sleeping calf, a dog, a horse and....what's that again? Oh, a fireman! That's right - in case of the burning barn.
The fireman and dalmation actually go together and had their own fire truck to ride in...but the dog does fit nicely into our farm.
I just love this picture!

Here's my smiley cow after a nice snuggly nap in Daddy's arms.
He slept through the parade but was awake here for his first T 'o T...

How 'bout them best buds? These boys light up my life and I'm so happy to see their sweet (and sometimes not so sweet!) friendship grow. I envy my son his 'friend from birth' and I'm so thankful for this blessing in his life.

Just had to pop this in...
Round here, we make 'em WORK for their candy!! It's a hilly neighborhood - on this street one side is all houses with stairs like this leading up from the street to the house.
Want that candy? up-down-up-down you go!!

And finally, such a true Halloween scene...one group headed out, the next one coming in. Off to the next house with our cute plastic pumpkins!

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