Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mix & Mingle

Close To My Heart idea books are one of my favorite resources for inspiration...we like to say, "There's a reason it's called an Idea Book!" I often turn to my current and past books for new ways to use embellishments, stamping techniques I want to learn, and color or paper combinations I want to try on my own projects. I often see projects that I love and think, "I want to try that!!"
One of my favorite new products that was released with the latest Idea Book (Autumn/Winter 2010) is the little Mix & Mingle album. It's just 4x4 and it has 5 chipboard pages and 3 acrylic pages with a variety of decorative edges. There are so many fun possibilities for this little book and I found 2 projects in this current issue of the Idea Book that I absolutely had to try.

The first is the wall hanging that appears on page 86. (Don't have a book? Go here) I wanted to make something special to celebrate the recent birth of my second son. This wall hanging inspired me!
I love to sit down with an idea or template of sorts in front of me. It helps jumpstart my creative mojo... especially when my brain is a bit on the sleep-deprived side! I often find that if I sit down wanting to create something but not knowing quite what, my brain runs like a gerbil on a wheel - idea after idea...but going nowhere in a big hurry!
I am just thrilled with the way this turned out. I love the blues with the accents of red and white: perfect for a baby boy, but the patterns in the Magnifique paper keep the color combo from crossing over into too much 'Americana'. I also love the variety of texture. This kind of things thrills me...especially on a display piece that will be seen on a daily basis: chipboard, felt, ribbon, acrylic, ric-rac. . .

love, love, LOVE!

Hmmm...looks like I'll be posting about the other project from the book a little later...teething baby waking up.
See ya again soon!

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