Thursday, October 21, 2010

At Long Last

The much-anticipated day finally arrived!!
My 3-year old has been wanting and waiting to ride a school bus for an entire year. Last year we saw the school buses parked at school several times and they always inspired long (and repetitive) interrogation sessions:
"What are those?"
"Where are they going?"
"Can I go?"
"Why not?"
"Who gets to ride them?"
"When can I go?"
"But when?"


Repeat again.

Repeat again.

This year he's in a class that goes on field trips and we have been anticipating the school bus ride since the beginning of the year. I was a very happy Mommy when the letter came home at last with a concrete date for the first field trip.
October: picking pumpkins. Hooray!
So, here's a photo journal of the great adventure...
Ascending the steps for the first ride. (I was a little disappointed that I couldn't actually ride the bus with him to get his reactions, but I didn't feel comfortable taking the baby on the bus.)

All loaded up, the buses pull out; adventure underway!

Ready for the hay (well, straw) ride!
We rode on enormous wagons hitched to tractors (very exciting in and of themselves!) and went on a long ride out to the pumpkin patch.
Upon arrival at said patch, we disembarked and commenced our search for the perfect pumpkin.

Many were examined and rejected before the lucky one was found.

Pumpkin picking wore out the baby and Mommy sacrificed her coat to keep him snuggly...

While the baby slept, the next thing on the agenda was snack time: first for the pre-schoolers, then for the goats!! That rounded out a lovely morning and the buses were reloaded for the ride home.

I just can't resist sharing these last photos...
sleepy boy woke up happy!

Smiley eyes!!

Upon retrieving my field-tripper from the bus, I was greeted with:
"When are we going again?"
Successful ride? I think so!


Aimee said...

What great pics, Rachel! I have to tell you what a sweetheart he is! I was working the 3-4 room at church on Sunday and he was just so focused with his project and making sure he got it done just the way he wanted it. It was clear he has experience being crafty. :) He had a hard time peeling the backs off of the teeny tiny foam stars we used and he was so patient in waiting while I assisted other children. Once he was done he entertained us with his own version of Old McDonald (the tune of the song we sang). :)

Becky said...

Awesome! Love that last pic of Ethan, too!