Friday, May 14, 2010

My Brown-Haired Boy

So, I never really expected my child to be born with a head of dark hair. I am blond and had white fuzz when I was born, and my husband had light red fuzz when he was born. My grandmother is Swedish and her blond genes run very strongly through her family. Of course, my brother has dark hair and my Dad's side is Polish with quite a bit of dark hair, so the possibility has always been very much there, I just didn't expect it...
Here's my firstborn and his head of strawberry blond fuzz:
This is my second, just hours old, with the brown hair that surprised me so much:
So, for the past two weeks, I've had the song 'Brown-Eyed Girl' running through my head...with different words. Big Brother has begun singing with me and we've managed to make up an entire verse of new words for our little walnut. Big Brother can sing almost all the words with me and often breaks into the tune all on his own. It's been a fun little memory for the beginning of Little Brother's life!
The product of our creative efforts:
To the tune of 'Brown-Eyed Girl' by Van Morrison.

Mommy was so sure
You would be born blond!
Your brother had white fuzz just like
Mommy when she was born.
Your Daddy had red hair, yeah yeah
So you surprised us all
When you came a sportin' your,
Your gorgeous head of dark hair,
My brown-haired boy.
You, my brown-haired boy
Can't wait to sing with you every day
La tee dah
My brown-haired boy
You, my brown-haired boy

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