Sunday, May 9, 2010

2nd Time Around

I am loving Mother's Day as a mom of two! It's a beautiful sunny day today - albeit on the windy and slightly chilly side. I really wanted to go to church on Mother's Day, so we got up this morning and made our first real trip out (other than to the park) as a family...and we actually got out of the house on time!
Here's me and my boys on this lovely morning:
We had a wonderful outing. It was awesome to see everyone and take Little Brother out for friends to meet. It's so heart-warming to be a part of such a loving community. We got lots of hugs and smiles and I got many 'You look great' comments (which definitely boost the morale of a mommy who's barely a week off a C-section and not getting a whole lot of sleep!)
Happy family of four at New Hope Community Church on Mother's Day:
Another Mother's day treat is watching Big Brother interact with Little Brother. It just makes me all mushy to see how much my big boy loves his new little brother. He comes running when he knows that the baby is awake and he asks to kiss him every chance he gets. He is so gentle with him and loves to hold him (very carefully!). When we're in the car, he tells Mommy & Daddy to be quiet if Little Brother's eyes are closed while he's in his carseat; he says, 'I have to protect him and take care of him' (because he's the one in the back with him). Here he is being a protective big brother:

I shouldn't neglect to mention that my husband has completely spoiled me this mother's day as well. He bought me a beautiful necklace that I saw and fell in love with about a month ago. When I wear it, I will think of my boys - two colors of blue swirling and mingling in my heart:

And the best part of all (this actually made me cry it's so wonderful!) ... he made a Mother's day card with a piece of my cardstock and chose inks from my collection and, as you can see, put all three of my boys' handprints on it. So beautiful! (SO going in the scrapbook!!) The little boys' hands will never be this same size again and I love that he put his handprint on with theirs. Plus, Big Brother signed his own name!! What a priceless treasure!

My heart is full. My family is such a blessing!
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there!

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