Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working Together

So I was working at the dining room table the other morning when my 3 yr old son came in and decided that he wanted to work too:
Out come the markers -
the crayons -
the stampers -
And of course...paper. "How about this paper, love?
Nope, Mommy's paper!
Ok, piece of Mommy's paper and several pieces of pretty, plain white paper.

What does all this translate into? I can tell you for sure that it's not Mommy working!

But, y'know what? It turned out to be SO much better than that!

He first decided that he wanted me to help him trace his hands...I think he's done this quite a bit at school. So, we traced and traced until the edges of his fingers were covered in pink and blue. then he had to go wash his hands (of course! Because every 3 yr old wants to wash his hands the second they get dirty, right??).

Then, out of the blue, he wanted to write his name. Yep, his name...the entire thing. (Have I mentioned that he's just barely 3?) Until now, he's really only been interested in the W that begins his name, but one this morning he decided that if he was in for a penny, he was in for a pound! (sorry, couldn't resist) This could have been influenced by watching Mommy write, but who really knows...
So, I gave him the marker and verbally coached him through the formation of each letter. Here's his first attempt: (I traced the hand then he wrote his name and drew circles)
Next, I held his hand and we practiced together (top of page) then he wrote it by himself (artist's hand at work):
The finished product after practicing - all by himself:

Bonus feature: He decided he could trace his hand all by himself!

Proud Mama! Love my boy!

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