Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Just Never Thought

...that I would enjoy digital scrapbooking.

In general, being in front of the computer is not my 'happy place'. I tend to do mostly business and a tiny bit of pleasure and then be done.
My scrapbooking is about the tactile pleasure of the project: I love getting ink on my fingers, glitter on my face, and searching for tiny brads on the floor after they've slipped out of my fingers.
(oh wait, maybe not that last quite so much)
Add to that the fact that I've never really seen a digital layout that I like a whole lot (I like my paper to look like paper...and paper is not glossy!) and I didn't want the hassle of buying, installing, and learning software that I would inevitably have to update.

Then along came Studio J

Trust my favorite company to come out guns blazing with the best digital product I've ever seen! We got a peek at the layouts last summer at Leadership Convention and for the past few months we've had access to the beta system that they're refining for customer release. Get this: NO software to buy - ever!! Access to the system is free online. Yahoo! Everything I need is right there and will be updated without any effort from me. Sweet! All I pay for is the product that I create. Not that's my kind of digital scrapbooking!
Here's a peek at one of the layouts I created today:
Cute, fun, and it took me just 30 minutes! Woot, woot!

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