Saturday, March 6, 2010

Small Projects - Big Pleasures

So... 3rd trimester of pregnancy... I'm tired!
Bet you never could have guessed that - especially those of you who have been through it. What with the snow making a complete mess of the beginning of February and then my work schedule ramping up for spring, I've hardly looked at my scrapping table in the past few weeks.
In fact, there's still a box sitting in my workspace that needs to be unpacked and sorted. Oh my!
Sometimes I just don't have the energy to pull out all my stuff and invest the mental energy that it takes to create something fabulous. But the rub is that I still long to create...
So, yesterday I decided to finish off a small but satisfying project. It is a tiny little brag book that my friend and sideline, Kelly, made for me as a roommate gift from Leadership Convention last summer. It is completely adorable and I decided to use it for ultrasound pictures of new baby boy. I've been waiting for our '4-D' ultrasound picture so that I could have a good facial shot along with all the other 'tiny growing bean' pictures. Since we did our 4-D just this past Thursday, I was totally inspired to finish my brag I can brag this week, of course!!
Here's the cover:
First pages - the numbers are the pregnancy week that the u/s was done: Next pages - growing, growing! And the back cover - who can resist that sweet face?! He's so beautiful...I got all emotional working with this picture and just realizing that that's the face of our tiny new son whom we haven't met yet. Can't wait!

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