Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simple Things

Well, I'm barely making it in on time, but I went to read a post on a blog that I follow Two Shades of Pink and discovered a link-up for Haiti. It comes from a blog Enchanted Oak who is donating $2 to Heartline Ministries for every blogger or commenter who posts a list, poem, or prose piece about the joys of the simple things in life. It goes to aid Heartline's medical clinic and other programs in Haiti.
As a new blogger, I've never done this before so I hope I get it right! :) If nothing else, go visit these blogs and relish their lists...

Since I'm a scrapbooker, I'll start with a layout I made about simple things that make me happy...

Here's a close up of the list in the upper right corner:

In case you can't read it (and they aren't in priority order):

1. spending time with my handsome hubby

2. dinner @ Red Robin

3. Stamping

4. Snuggles

5. laughing with my best friend

6. My sanctuary - Milford Mill Park

7. Playing Beethoven's 9th Symphony

8. gardening

9. Sunday evenings with my family

Other simple things I'm appreciating right now:

* electricity - I was so afraid it would go out in this mammoth storm. I'm grateful to be warm...

* my first son's adorable nose wrinkle when he smiles...and that he gets it from his Daddy

* my tiny second son's antics inside my tummy every day

* friends I can absolutely count on no matter what

* flannel sheets and a down comforter

* medicine for heartburn

* a safe and beautiful neighborhood to walk in

* toddler speak: "zoo-ic" = music

* looking out my back window at the sculptural branches of my favorite oak tree in every season

There are so many more...what are your simple things?


Enchanted Oak said...

Dear Rachel,
You come as an answer to prayer. We are hoping for 100 different posts from bloggers, to make our donation $200 to Haiti. You're #99! Things had slowed down for a while. Your wonderful list comes winging like a blessing through the blogosphere. I'm so glad you took part, and very happy for you in the abundant life you share with your precious family. God bless, even or most especially, the wee one to come.

Two Shades of Pink said...

I am so happy I popped in on you today! And here is your absolutely lovely list! I am even more delighted you included a creative scrap layout with it! How fun.