Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hearing Voices...

...well, just one I guess - Annie Lennox took up residence in my head today.

Y'know that Eurythmics song "Here comes the Rain Again"? It's got the synth @ the beginning and the string lick in the middle...
Need a memory jog?

"Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion"

Still no?
You can find it here
It's been in my head ALL day...only in my head it sounds like this:

"Here comes the SNOW again..."
Sheesh! Two blizzards in one week! Just in case you peeps who aren't from the Mid-Atlantic hadn't heard this yet: we are making history here. Never in recorded history have two blizzards hit this region in the same week. We're going to need freight trains to get the snow out of here! Here's some aftermath from the first one:

Yes, he's shoveling off the car! And notice, the piles of snow on the side of the driveway are already up to his armpits. Craziness! And we're getting 20 more inches tonight.

So, I give in...snow on the brain! Here's a snow themed page. :)

These are pics of W's first real experience with snow. They are super close up because I was alone and therefore had to juggle snow-suited non-walker and camera all while standing/squatting in the wet. cold white stuff. I love the sparkly chipboard snowflakes. They are from Close To My Heart's 'Flurry' set of Dimensional Elements. I just punched a few out, added glue and prisma glitter, and wowza! - super sparkly little treats for my page. Love it!!

Well, we shall see what the morning brings. Hopefully our power stays on!

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