Sunday, January 31, 2010


I finished up the Valentine's cards for the workshop I'm teaching next Saturday. I must say that I never would have experimented with this paper pack (That's Amore) as much as I did with these cards if it hadn't been at the special request of a customer...what I learned:

As scrapbooking as in life - never judge something by your first impression! I like this paper pack much better than I did when I first worked with it. And I must say that it is particularly good for Valentine's cards!

Here are the final two in the workshop:

I particularly like that sparkles and ribbon on these cards. I have been purposefully searching for places to use the square sparkles and they work beautifully on a card like this. I'm also really happy with the crocheted ribbon in combination with this paper pack. I've tried it with other papers and had limited success, but is really works nicely with That's Amore!

This last card was a really fun one to make. All the patterns I chose came from Jeanette Lynton's cardmaking book, 'Wishes'. there are lots of new ideas and inventive patterns in this book. This one in fun because the red paper
actually wraps around the white sentiment page and to open the card, you just slide the sentiment
page out. Really fun and unique!

If you like these cards, come and join me for the workshop (Sat. 2/6) and you can make your own! I'd love to see you there...

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