Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stolen Moments

The other night I was sitting on the couch trying to answer a few emails and my hubby came up the stairs from the basement carrying four laundry baskets balanced precariously one on top of another. They were all full of folded clothes so the were tipping at rather odd angles. He set them down and I said, "Whoa."
 I was actually commenting on the fact that he had carried all four baskets up our very steep basement stairs, but he thought I was referring to the fact that all the clothes in the baskets were folded.
 He replied, "stolen moments..."
Not understanding, I said, "what?"
He elaborated, "That is several days of stolen moments..."
"Oh, all that laundry is folded?" I said, "Go, baby!"

Earlier today, my big boys were playing rather nicely together (surprise!) and the baby was sleeping a bit longer than I expected. As nice as it is that he's sleeping, it still complicates my schedule a bit since I work tonight and I try to plan my getting ready around what it looks like the baby's schedule will be for the afternoon. His extra sleeping time eats into my getting ready time later...and I really needed a shower! My kids don't mind me covered in baby spit-up and other various kid grime, but my colleagues might be slightly put off. So I made a snap decision to juggle the 'schedule'.
 I gave the big boys some crackers and milk and dashed up the stairs. As I was washing my hair I thought, "I never do this (referring to showering while all my boys are on the loose...not washing my hair) but I've got to steal time where I can get it". About a minute later I recalled my husband's comment from the other night and I just had to laugh...

 Folding laundry and taking showers...those are our stolen moments these days.

...and you thought you were in for a romantic post! hahaha!
What do you do with your stolen moments??

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