Saturday, April 28, 2012

He's a Monkey!

So, we're sitting at the dinner table the other night. My in-laws are here - much beloved Grandma & Papa. We're playing a 'name-that-person' game with our spunky and sweet middle boy (aka Little Brother (whose name I am going to have to change soon because he is the furthest thing from little!!))
 Daddy was pointing to each person at the table and asking Little Brother, "Who's that?" LB would name the person with triumphant glee and then laugh. He was quite proud of himself. He even knows the baby's name (even though he usually just calls him 'baby') and the way he says it is completely adorable as only toddler-speak can be.
Here's how our game went down...
"Who's that?"    "PAPA!!"
"Who's that??"  "GAMma!!"
"Who's that?"    "MommMEEEE"
"Who's that?"    "DaddDEEEE"
"Who's that??"  "Bruh-Der" (this is what he calls Big Brother)
 "Who's that?"   "BayBEEEE"

Then, we pointed at him, tapped him on the chest, "Who's this? Who are you?"

Hmmm...I guess we call him monkey a little too often!

Here's my sweet monkey loving his baby brother:

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