Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ready for Baseball!

Ok, it's my blog, so I can say it, right?

My kids are darn cute!

There, I said I won't say it again for a little while. (It just drives me crazy when people think their kids are the cutest, the greatest, the smartest, and the most perfect...and they talk about it all the time.)
 My kids can be rascals, I'll be the first to admit, but I still love them to the ends of the universe!

SO  - now that I've gotten that off my chest...I'll show you what led me to the above statement:

It's almost baseball season!! My sister is a big baseball fan and she got us plugged in to the Dugout Club last summer. Big Brother absolutely loved it so we got memberships for both the big boys this year. Their Club packets came today with all this great stuff in, of course, we had to try it all on at once!

 All this great loot plus tickets to 10 games and a freebie at every game - for just $20!! Best. deal. ever.
Not to mention the super-fun summertime memories made at the ballpark. Last year our family or parts of our family made it onto the big screen a total of three times in just one game!! That was incredibly thrilling for Big Brother... And after one game, all the Dugout Club kids get to run the bases at Camden Yards. Heck, I want to run the bases at Camden Yards! How cool is that?
 The Orioles have a good thing going here...a mini-fan factory! We've certainly got two little O's fans in our house.

 Go O's!!


Julie J said...

Cute doesn't do it justice and that's a deal worth celebrating.

Alison said...

That does sound like a great deal...and your boys ARE cute!
Alison xx