Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 Things

Well, I must admit that this post is a little bit of a 'cheater' Ten Things post...

But it is nonetheless inspired by Shimelle's monthly Ten Things feature so I will share it.

Ten little things that have been keeping me very busy!

Ok, ok, I know you can only see 9 of them...but trust me, the tenth is actually there! Plus, that just illustrates my point - this was the best picture I could get because the owner of these ten little fingers is keeping me quite busy these days.
 In pondering this post, I also found myself wondering why I haven't posted on my blog in two weeks... There have actually been moments of time in which I could have written something, and we also have news of some import to share with my family and friends who keep up with my blog, but it hasn't happened. My conclusion is that it is the sleep deprivation factor rather than the busy factor that has kept me from writing. My brain is just too muddy to make an attempt at writing. I need a few more brain cells to come off the injured reserve bench!
 Not that I mind...I'm loving and savoring this tiny time with Baby Brother. Third time around, I'm hyper aware of how fast the babyness flies by! Hopefully I will make it back here a little more often in the coming weeks but if I don't, you know where I am: the HOV lane of Mommyhood!
Don't give up on me, friends...


Alison said...

It all seems a long time ago for me...but I DO remember the sleep deprivation! Enjoy your 'baby' time
Alison xx

Tammy said...

Just enjoy each and every precious moment!!!!