Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pink + Red + Love =

Valentine's Day, of course!
Here are some layouts I recently finished with pictures of my cousin's wedding. I thought the color palette and theme made them a perfect thing to share on Valentine's Day.
 This layout features the lovebirds, my siblings, Big Brother and his adorable grin (when he was still an only...), and my handsome hubby. I love the heart accent in the corner - I made it by inking a chipboard heart and then covering it with Liquid Glass.

For this second layout, I received the base in a layout swap awhile back but I don't use too much pink with a houseful of XY on my hands! My fabulous, pink dress gave me the perfect excuse to use this layout. I had too many picture for the base layout so I doctored the left page a bit and added an 8x12 flip-flap. I love the way it turned out - such a great way too add extra photos without cluttering the page or making an entire additional layout!
    Here's the entire 2-page layout with flip-flap closed (8x12 section on the left side of page):
 Here's just the left page with the flip-flap open:
 This is just a picture I really, really love!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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