Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow Days

Hi there!
 Well, we have a big adventure planned tomorrow to celebrate Big Brother's birthday. We're going snow tubing! To say that there is some excitement in the house would be a rather massive understatement...
In view of the fact that tomorrow will be a long and eventful day, and also that I have had a week full of contractions, I had rather strict instructions (from more than one person in my life) to spend today resting. Lucky you - that means I actually get to blog!
Since it's freezing cold here today and we're going to play in the snow tomorrow, I am feeling rather snowy. Here's a fun layout I did before the holidays. I used some more pictures from the Blizzard of 2010. See another layout here. I had a number of small photos left and I've been wanting to try a photo-waterfall layout in Magic (Close To My Heart's book of layouts with interactive elements) ever since I cracked open the book for the first time 18 months ago!
 The line of small photos on the right page are all attached together and if you pull the tab to the right, it flips through them one by one, showing the embellishments I put on the flip sides.
 Here's the waterfall - as 'in action' as I could get... maybe someday I'll try a video!

 It was super cool and fun to make! And it took me less time than I had anticipated. All good, right? I'm definitely doing this layout again!!

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Alison said...

Great LO..and am very impressed with that waterfall element! have a fab (and safe!) day!
Alison xx