Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012: year of change and promise!


We just bid farewell to our last remaining house-guest, the Christmas decorations are down, boxed, and awaiting return to the attic, and I think that my fridge may have finally returned to it's normal state.

The last three weeks officially qualify as the busiest holiday of my life! Our days were full of adventures, big and small...
Some were planned - trips to holiday train gardens, football and baseball at the park with Daddy and Uncle, games of Munchkin and Pinochle for the adults, Karawane and Caterpillar for Big Brother (and anyone he could rope into playing with him). 
Some were not planned - an electric rental car that didn't work out so well, a precautionary trip to the hospital for me (that I was rather cranky about), a vomiting 4-year-old followed by a worst-ever flooding of the basement...and 1,001 loads of laundry that followed in the clean-up.

I think I need to catch my breath!

As we have slowly transitioned out of the holidays and into the new year, I have been reflecting on what 2012 has in store for us - and it looks to be quite an exciting year for our family! We have some big changes on the way and big decisions to make.

First on the docket will be to get out all those baby boxes from the attic as we put the Christmas boxes away! Yep, this baby is comin' ... just barely over a month to go now.
One change that has already happened which is somewhat related to baby's arrival is a room switch for Little Brother. Earlier this week Daddy just had a feeling that it was the right time to move Little Brother (who had seriously grown out of the crib!) into Big Brother's room. We had been talking about it for awhile and just debating what the right timing would be. So he did it, it worked, and we haven't gone back. I walked into the empty nursery that first night and just cried. My sparkly baby boy was/is no longer a baby! That was a little hard for me. He had looked so big in his crib, but he looks so tiny in a big twin bed.

We're also in the process of deciding where Big Brother will go to school in the fall! I can't believe he's going to be in Kindergarten. Am I really ready to send my first baby into the big, wide world of school??  This will be another big transition for our family, but we're very excited about it. He just started reading on his own (!!) over the Christmas holiday and I know that he will be excited and ready for kindergarten come fall.

The school decision has significant ramifications for us in regards to our home situation. If he gets into one certain school, we can stay in our neighborhood (which we love) and remodel our house to give us some more space as our family grows. If he doesn't get in to that school, we may be looking at moving...and that is a huge undertaking! We should know about the schools sometime in March and can move forward from there. baby, new school, decisions about our home...inevitable that it will be a year of big changes for us! We'll see if I actually manage to get any scrapping done amidst the upheaval...stay tuned to this blog for updates on all of the Holaday Happenings this year. I'm not making any promises about how regularly I'll manage to get here, but I will promise to get here!

Happy New Year, everyone!!


Alison said...

Sounds like a busy time has been had...and a busier one is to come! Looking forward to seeing what the year brings for you
Alison xx

S said...

Yes, I think you are about to be even busier adapting to changes. The first son off to kindergarten is a big milestone and a new baby - that alone is filled with promise. All the best to you and yours in 2012.