Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pretty Paper Party

I'm certainly having fun working my way through the prompts for the Pretty Paper Party! I'm actually considering signing up for 'Journal Your Christmas' as well. Anyone done that class before? How did you like it?
  Here is a page I did for prompt #17 which was about using black cardstock as a page background. I have done it before but not very often. Shimelle pointed out in the prompt that using a black background really puts the focus on the colors so I chose a photos and paper with vibrant colors. I definitely think that the black enhanced the effect of the other colors!

My extra challenge with this layout is that I did it while at my mom's house and I had forgotten my paper trimmer! So, I managed to complete my page without trimming any paper or photos with a straight-edge trimmer. That is definitely out of my comfort zone!!


Emily said...

Wow.. I love the colors you chose along with the black!! Awesome!! And you know what? You can't even tell you didn't have your trimmer! I love how it turned out! Great job!!!

Alison said...

Am SO impressed you didn't use a paper Emily says, you would never know! I did JYC for the first time last year, and am starting to think about this years
Alison xx