Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Jumpin' In

I have been considering Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class pretty much since I started reading her blog last spring. For a long while, it just sounded like too much work to me. The idea of adding regular almost daily crafting to the holiday season? Intimidating!
 But, I do really, really love the Christmas season... for the family time, the beautiful things, the winding down of the year, yes, even the bustle of parties and shopping. And the bottom line is that I would love for my family to know why - even many, many years down the road. Having a tangible record of our holiday traditions and my seasonal musings would be a treasure for the future. "Mom, remember the year when...?" Yep, let's go back and read about it!
 So, I'm diving in. One of her first challenges last week during her Christmas crafting weekend was to choose a journal size and cut some background pages. I chose Close To My Heart's journal because it has a protected cover and because it is only 5x7. I want to keep it small so that I forcibly limit my time commitment as well as keep my focus mostly on actually journaling!
Now that I've actually made the decision to do it, I'm really excited!!

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Alison said...

Hope you enjoy it as much as i did last looking forward to getting this year's started too!
Alison xx