Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 Things on the 10th

Here we are did that month go by so quickly? Well, it's July and I'm a major road cycling fan. Put those things together and what do you get? Road cycling's biggest race of the year: Le Tour de France. Every year I marvel at the courage and strength of the 198 riders participating; I drool over the gorgeous scenery and write down places I want to visit; and I hold my breath and bite my fingernails through the crashes.
 So, fittingly, my ten things this month are:

10 men I'm watching sweat through the month of July:

1. Thor Hushovd   This man is having a completely amazing tour this year. Incredible! I'm still in awe of what he's accomplished this first week.
2. Mark Cavendish  The fastest man on two wheels. Incredibly exciting to watch.
3. Tyler Farrar   Arguably the best sprinter in American history now. Rival of Cavendish. Can't help but want him to win...
4. Cadel Evans     A favorite of mine for years. He's finally got a good team behind him. I really hope this is is year!
5. Andy Schleck   He was denied last year. Let the fireworks begin!
6. George Hincapie  16th Tour this year. 16!!! Unfathomable the strength and determination that takes...
7. Tejay Van Garderen  Young, talented American. Can't wait to see how he comes along!
8. Alberto Contador. Don't like him. Don't want to watch him...but I don't have much choice as he's a major contendor and they won't stop talking about him!!!
9. Levi Leipheimer He had an amazing Tour of California and Tour de Suisse...but he's been unlucky the past week and lost time due to crashes. I hope he can pull back into the mix.
10. Andreas Kloden The enigma of the peloton and RadioShack's last, best hope. When he's on form, he's amazing.

Any other cycling fans out there?? Who are you watching?

 This is part of Shimelle's 10 Things project...see more 10 Things here.


Alison said...

I'll take your word on all of that Rachel...not a fan I'm afraid!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....sweaty men....interesting.I prefer the F1 Grand Prix.

Em said...

i've just started watching it this year, but mostly to admire the shots of the beautiful french countryside!

JulieJ said...

Are you sure it's the scenery you're drooling over??!!!

Connie said...

you love sports!! cool!!

Cheryl M said...

I'm not a cycling fan. I never got along very well with cycles. LOL But I do LOVE sports!

Jane said...

the men in my family like the cycling, I might have a look now!