Monday, April 11, 2011

Beautiful Blues

All right...I've probably gone as long as I can with my lovely 'I Claim It' post at the top. I'm just so enamored with the sweet sound of that beautiful word, 'Mama', that I haven't wanted to move on from that last post. He's still doing it by the wasn't a one time thing. Ah, music to my ears!

As promised, I'm going to share a couple of layouts with you that I made with Close To My heart's 'Magnifique' paper. First, here's what the paper pack looks like:

All these blues and and a touch of brown...luscious!

This first layout I actually made last fall but I never shared it on this blog because I've had in mind the second layout all along and I wanted to share them as a pair.

 To set the scene: One day last summer, I happened to realize that I had put little brother in the same onesie that big brother was wearing in one of my very favorite photos.
What's that mean? Time for a photo shoot!
So I set up little brother just as big brother had been in the photo and started clicking. Of course, big brother wanted in on the attention so we got some of them together as well - priceless!

On the left page of this layout, big brother is on the left, little brother on the right. I think maybe you can tell that they just might be related...
 Here's a close-up of the fun stamping and embellies that I added to the corner. This was the featured layout in the Magnifique Workshop on the Go kit, hence why I did it last fall. It was just perfect for these pictures.
I am soooo fond of this second layout right now! It is exactly my style of scrapbooking at the moment. I know different things appeal to different people - this is me now. Clean design, a few special elements, some just makes my heart sing! (yes, the rhyme was on purpose

 Love it so I gotta share are some of my favorite touches:
I cut out and inked the edges of the feather image, added bling, tucked a vellum sentiment under the edge (thanks Quick Quotes!), then udded the three sparkles on the edge to hold down the vellum.
 Ahhh, the flowers...layered 3, added a sparkle in the middle. Yum!
 Finally, my lovely peacock. Unfortunately, you can't really tell here but I used my blue glaze pen on the dark blue areas of the bird. It made it a deeper, richer blue and added some shine (which you can't see in the photo - I'm not a good enough photographer yet...but I did catch some of the reflection of the page on the table. So proud!)
So, there are my beauties. I can't count the first in my 52 layouts since I did it last year...but the second one counts! Layout 17, done!

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Beverly said...

love the layout! I had both of my sons" formal portraits done at age three in the same shirt :)