Thursday, March 17, 2011

Studio J and Flip Flaps!

Ok - this is just too cool not to share!! I have a have a friend and customer who uses Studio J to scrapbook and we have been discussing for awhile the possibility of using the 12 inch assortment of flip flaps. For a myriad of reasons, I haven't been able to get around to trying it, but she did!!

She brought her pages to show me and I love them! This is so awesome - I am totally trying it out! There are so many patterns available in Studio J that will work with the flip flaps. Seeing it in person made my creative juices start flowing...

Check out Dana's page:
Here's the front, before you open the flip flaps

Here's the left side open

Here's the right side open

And here you can see the full page in the middle behind the flip flaps

This totally rocks! Many thanks to Dana Cline for letting me show off her pages!!


Christa said...

Ok...Did she make the layout for the flip flap in studioj and just cut it. Or did she make the flip flap part herself? Share details if you know. Thanks! Love the layout your friend did great!!!

Rachel Holaday said...

Hi Christa! Thanks for visiting - and for your question! Dana created the pages for the flip flaps and cut them. It worked beautifully!