Thursday, February 17, 2011

Workin' on that Resolution!

Well, I certainly have some catching up to do on my 52-layout resolution!

Not in the creating, mind you - I've been creating layouts aplenty - but rather, in the blogging of them!

So here are some lovelies for you from a recent cropping weekend.

I spent that particular weekend focused on two books: My 4-yr-old's birthday and school book, and my 9-month-old's baby book. Both books I was just starting - it was fun to embark on a brand new adventure.

Here's a super-simple layout for the school/birthday book.
My focus is to do one layout per birthday (a "You are... [1, 2, 3, 4, etc] layout) as well as big school firsts and school pictures. I also couldn't bear to leave out the professional pictures I've had done at particular milestones. In this layout, I love the images so much that i just left them alone. I played around with a few more embellishments but didn't find anything satisfying. so, in the end, I just left the photos to speak for themselves.

Turns out, I love it!!

I also snuck in a layout (or maybe two, gotta check my stack) for my pregnancy album. Here's my '37 weeks' layout:

The pictures were taken during an outdoor service and egg hunt for our church last spring.
I love the fresh green of the new grass and baby leaves in the background...

One thing I really love about this layout is that I pulled paper and embellies from all different places in my stash and they all fit together so beautifully! Love it when that happens!!

Now, the post wouldn't be complete without showing off a layout from the other album I was working on, would it??
Here it is... our first trip to the beach - just 5 weeks old!
Is this a perfect beach day, or what?? See the boardwalk down through the rails behind him?
Relaxin' in the sunshine with sounds of the ocean...

Layouts 3, 4, 5: check! check! check!

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