Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Layout 1 - Check!

Resolutions - lots of people have them this time of year, right? I don't usually jump on that bandwagon because I generally find myself most inspired/energized/determined to improve myself sometime in the vicinity of the months of February, May, and September. (Post-Superbowl, pre-summer, and for a new school year...)
This year, I decided that I have two goals that I would like to start working on now, in January, when the rest of the world is also attempting their myriad 'resolutions'.
Goal 1: A monthly date-night with my hubby. I've recently added a couple new babysitters to our call list so this is looking more possible than ever before. Yay!
Goal 2: 52 layouts completed this year. Yep! One a week. I really think that this is a low estimate with the weekend crops that I attend and Studio J as well, but I've never counted my layouts on a yearly basis before so...let's see where it leads.

I was happily able to fit a bit of scrap time in over the long weekend so I completed my first layout of the year!
Here it is:
It makes me laugh that these pictures are almost 4 years old!! I am trying very hard to work on my box of older photos in an equal ratio to my newer pics...
These are some photos from the first weeks of my almost-4-year-old's life.

A few close ups of the fun details...

I loved combining the bitty sparkles with this die-cut tag...gave it just a little more zing!

Here's one of my all-time favorite pics!
Official count: 1 down, 51 to go

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Love that last picture of Bill with William. So sweet.