Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I LOVE Studio J!!!

So, I've been laid up recovering from a foot surgery I had 2 weeks ago. (I had a bunion removed and...don't let anyone ever tell you it's not a big deal. It's been awful for me! Incredibly painful.)
Anyway, I've had to keep my foot up a lot and while that is stressful in regards to other realms of my life, I have had the happy opportunity to work on a bunch of Studio J layouts.

I just ordered my layouts and got the free JPEGs that come with my Studio J membership. I can't wait to get the actual pages in the mail!! This is such an awesome program. You should try it out if you have the chance!

Here are a few layouts from this past month:
Cookie baking is one of our favorite family traditions. I managed to fit in a couple recipes before my surgery so that we were able to have our traditional evening of frosting sugar cookies together while watching 'A Muppet Christmas Carol'

Studio J is SO fun...and SO easy!

Love it!

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