Thursday, September 16, 2010

Watching Them Dream

Friends, so sorry I've been absent... life (and lack of good internet access) got in the way.

So, we've had the throttle on maximum for the last two weeks and, unfortunately, our sleep has been at a minimum. We've had horrible illness, travelling, family reunion, 80th birthday party, sleeping (well, not sleeping) in a cold basement, then a transition to super-hot Phoenix. Needless to say, our moments of down-time have been few and far between.

But the other afternoon, I found myself in an unusual situation...

Somehow the stars aligned and I managed to tire William out enough and feed Ethan enough that they had both slept for an hour at the same time!!! Yes, I actually got 60 whole minutes to myself! Crazy. I heard Ethan waking and hurried to get him since I didn't want William to wake up prematurely (he's still playing sleep catch-up from an awful virus he had). Ethan was hungry so I sat down to nurse him and, when he was finished, he fell back to sleep.


What on earth is going on?
For one short minute I considered attempting to put him back down in the Pack n Play and stealing another few minutes to myself.
Then I looked at his face. Peaceful. Dreaming...the tip of his tongue showing slightly between pursed lips - nursing in his sleep. He's warm and snuggly. He's my infant son.
What better thing could I possibly be doing now, I asked myself? I've had a little bit of time to myself...helping me feel sane again and allowing me to hear the silence in my head. I'm not at home so I don't have a thousand chores waiting to be done or calendar waiting to be checked or work details waiting to be organized.
I only have these moments. This space. This time. Nowhere to go or be except right here with my precious son.
Watching him dream...

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