Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Swap! Swap!

Well, I am all ready to go and SO excited about heading down to D.C. to attend Close To My Heart's Convention!!!
One of my very favorite parts of convention is swapping. It works like this: you design a layout of a card (or even other projects) and then you make a bunch of copies. Since you're working from the same design, it takes less time and less work to make a whole bunch. Then, you pack them all up and head to convention where you trade artwork with other people who've done the same thing. Then, you come home with tons of ideas and an incredible variety of new artwork!
The first swap I do is an album swap. This is organized through my team, The Scattered Hearts. We are divided into groups of 12-14 and we each design one layout and make 12-13 copies of it. Then, we all get together at convention and trade pages. Presto! We've all got a complete 9x9 album for convention photos. Just print photos and pop them in! So fantastic.
This year we chose the You Rock paper for our swap layouts. Here's mine:

I used the Star Power stamp set and white embossing powder for the images on the Outdoor Denim paper. I've been having lots of fun with the embossing recently. Did you know that if you combine a little prisma glitter with your powder, you can even make it sparkly?!

Since I got into the You Rock paper and embossing with my layout, I decided to continue the theme with the first of my swap cards. Here it is:
Swapping cards at convention is crazy fun. Everyone just carries the artwork they've made around in ziploc bags and we all trade anytime, anywhere. Let the chaos begin!!
One thing we do try to do with swaps is make them so that people can use them as business tools. We use current paper and accessories and choose relevant stamp sets. With that in mind, I created a fall themed card so people could use them with their Autumn/Winter marketing. Here it is:

I'm so pleased with the way it turned out!
I'm really excited to see what I come home with this year. I sure love to collect good ideas!!
Check back again soon for Convention artwork...anyone who's addicted enough to want regular updates from convention, feel free to follow me on Twitter: @holadaygirl I'll be tweeting and re-tweeting!!
Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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