Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swap! Swap! (part 2)

Hi everyone!
Well, convention was amazing! (as expected...) My only disappointment: I have yet to find a Sticky Boy. Ah well, someday, my Sticky-boy prince will come! ...maybe next year at Disney.
I thought I would follow up my swap post from last week pre-convention with a post-convention update so that you can see the fruits of my swapping! It is so much fun. I think I made about 40 cards in two designs and I was out of swaps by the end of the first day. In return for my efforts, I came home with a ton of great ideas and lots of beautiful artwork. I can't wait to sit down and look at each piece in detail. I know already that I want to write down measurements and add some of these beauties to my workshop arsenal.
Here are some of the cards I received:
If you'd like to copy any of this artwork for workshops, classes, or anything other than just personal use, please contact me for the name of the artist. I do have the names of the ladies who created these and I always like to give credit where its due.
I wanted to post the album swap as well but the slide show is giving me issues. I'll work on that tomorrow when my brain is working a bit better! :)
Thanks and enjoy!

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