Saturday, June 19, 2010

Say wha'?

What's that saying?
"Kids say the darndest things"?

It really is amazing what the little sponges soak up...

Daddy and Big Brother took a bike adventure to the grocery store today and came home with watermelon. Ah, the sweet and juicy taste of summer! Of course Big Brother wants to sample the 'fruit' of their labor when they get home so Daddy obligingly cuts up the watermelon and gives Big Brother a piece.
His response: "No, No, NO. I don't want a triangle watermelon; I want a crescent watermelon!!"

Alrighty then...Don't know where he learned that word and shape but -
Crescent watermelon it is!! The rejected triangle piece (which he eventually ate anyway because it's so darn good) is on the plate...
Too funny! Love this boy...

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