Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Piece by Piece

Hello there!

Well, new Mommydom, in-laws arriving, and a family vacation have left me little time for creating (or even writing) recently...but, I'm back!! Hooray, feels good to be back.

So, the fleeting moments that I have had in the past couple weeks have been devoted to a very special project: Little Brother's's baby announcements!
As you'd expect with an infant around, my creative time has come in fits and starts and always in very small increments. It has actually worked out really well that I've been working on the announcements. Since I was making lots of them (40!), I was able to break the process down into different steps. So when I managed to squeeze in 5 or 10 minutes of work, it was easy just to pick one task to complete. I'd cut the cards bases, then next time I would cut the patterned paper for the cover. I got my circle cutter out and cut circles for awhile. I had three different stamping elements and accomplished them all separately. I chalked the white title accents while reading other blogs or scrolling my Facebook news feed. I trimmed and attached photos while Little Brother kicked happily in his bouncy chair for a few minutes and Big Brother re-enacted scenes from the movie 'Cars' with his shake cars: "Doc, I'm flat! I'm flat!" (I hear as thumps and 'ooomphs' emanate from the family room.)

People ask me 'how I do it'... well, that's how. A few minutes at a time. For me, papercrafting (scrapbooking and cardmaking) is like breathing: I need it. It helps me feel more like myself and less like mommy-automaton. It challenges my (currently) sleep-deprived brain with creativity and refreshes my soul. It's a few minutes taken just for me and, as a bonus, accomplishes something! (This is big in my world.) I need that one little hitch in the relentlessly repetitive cycle of parenting and childcare to keep my days from blurring together (along with my vision! ha! ha!).

I had so much fun designing these announcements. I really fell in love with the idea of using vellum and a circle cut-out so that his face would show softly through the front and also be featured on the inside. I also used one of my very favorite paper packs: Emporium As you can see from the first picture, I used several different patterns from the packet to make the cover piece. I love how each is beautiful but also each has it's own personality. I wanted to keep one of each to save but I didn't want to make that many extra...a photo will have to do! :) I am afraid that CTMH might retire this paper pack this year...I'll be so sad, better stock up.

I hope you enjoyed the peek at Little Brother's announcements. I had such fun making them!

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