Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Practicing What I Preach...

"There are no mistakes in scrapbooking - just opportunities for creativity!"

I say this to my friends/students/customers all the time and often get skeptical looks or 'yeah, right' chuckles in return. This morning I was working on treat containers for the Totswap Unique Boutique this coming weekend. I pulled out some scraps and a handful of my empty containers. I measured and cut all my paper at once...before I glued anything on. Then, I went to put them all together and discovered that I had mis-measured and all my papers were a half inch short!! Oops!
Of course I had cut everything at once - because that's always how it goes, right?
So, here's what they looked like:
Ridiculous, yes? I certainly couldn't leave them like that!! SO...time to be creative! I cut new pieces of coordinating paper and stamped sentiments them. Here's the fix:
It's not embellished yet, but I actually really like the way they turned out. Plus, I was able to use the March Stamp of the Month! So, now you know...I follow my own advice! (usually)

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Barb said...

Very cute, and creative, Rachel!! Good luck at TotSwap!! I hope you have been doing/feeling well... Hugs...