Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tall Ships

Two hundred years ago, on June 18, 1812, a war started between the British Empire and the United States. In honor of the bicentennial of this war, known as the War of 1812 (but not the same as the Franco-Russian conflict of the same name), a fleet of ships from around the world sailed into Baltimore last week. The main attraction was several 'Tall Ships' that anchored in the Inner Harbor and offered free deck tours to the public for the length of their stay. I took the two big boys down to the Harbor to see these fantastic boats and we had an awesome time!

It occurred to me while we were on this adventure that my boys are growing up in a place that is completely different from where my husband and I grew up. We grew up in the land-locked western US. We went to mountains and lakes for vacations...not the Bay or the ocean. Our history was all about the pioneers and wagon trains...not the pilgrims and early formative wars of our country. This tickles me. I just love it. We grew up in a wonderful, safe, and beautiful place but I'm thrilled that my boys are having a different experience. Selfishly, it's like getting to grow up again through watching them and facilitating great experiences for them.

 I'm so glad I made the effort to take the boys...even though it was crazy! The boats will be back in two years for the anniversary of the battle in Baltimore - the one during which our national anthem was written!

We will look forward to their return with great anticipation.

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