Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ah, the sweet sound!

Yesterday was a seriously rainy day around here so we decided to build a fort in the basement. This was lots of fun but it took up most of the prime floor real estate in the usual play area. This morning, we were squirreled away down there for a bit and Big Brother said, "I wanted to build this train track...
...but it is such a mess! There's no room."
I told him that I'd been wanting to clean up (but I'd had my hands full of baby) and suggested that we start cleaning up together so that we would have room for the train track. I gave him some instructions and specific tasks to complete. "Put the cars in this basket, 'guys' in this basket, etc."
 My goal oriented boy completed the tasks I'd set for him, looked at me with fussy baby still in my arms, and said, (wait for it...)

"What else can I clean up??"

I did a double take - did I really hear that right?

 I may never hear it again, but, this morning, that was beautiful music to this Mommy's ears!!

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