Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Dress

 Big Brother was just a couple months shy of turning three years old when my sister got married. there was much excitement, preparation, and travel before the big event and he was looking forward to Auntie getting married. What he wasn't prepared for was how different Auntie would look when she was all dressed up like a princess in her big, white dress. He admired her from afar all afternoon but when she actually came to find him and give him a hug at the reception, he got very shy. It took some convincing to even get him to look at her - he was so used to seeing her in casual attire that he didn't know what to do when faced with the beautiful princess.

We finally convinced him that it really was his Auntie and he did hug her. 

Then, of course, after the wedding was over, he talked about Auntie's white dress for months and months...
  ...and months!

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