Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Christmas Journal

Here are the last few Christmas journal pages except for the actual Christmas day page.
One of the following journal pages is still missing a photo - it's on someone else's camera and I keep forgetting to get it!

I jumped into this project at the beginning for two reasons:
 1. because I wanted to remember my Christmas this year since last year's disappeared in a fog of pain and illness
 2. I was inspired by the Simple Stories '25 days of Christmas' line of paper.

Coming to the end of the project, I can joyfully say that...
 1. I have already enjoyed sharing my journal with many people and it makes me happy just to look back at it already, even just one short month past Christmas
 2. I still love the Simple Stories paper and I am thrilled at how it turned out in my journal!

Conclusion...I am SO doing this project again next year!!!

p.s. stay tuned in the next week or so for a couple of layouts with more pictures from Christmas!

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