Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Christmas Journal

I've decided to join in with Shimelle Laine's Journal Your Christmas class this year. Why might I be doing this, you ask?

Well, here's what I'm putting in my journal:

Why do I want to write a journal at the busiest time of year? What am I thinking?
Well, last year’s holiday season is pretty much a complete blur to me. Little Brother got sick on December 1 and had virus after virus for two months straight. I had foot surgery on December 15 and the recovery was long and very painful. I was not well-informed about the true ramifications of the procedure and was therefore under-prepared mentally, emotionally, and in every other way for the difficulty it brought into our lives. I have only vague memories of last December and January – they were obliterated in a fog of pain and illness.
So, more than anything, I want to ‘make up’ this year in joy and appreciation what I lost last year in stress. I want to experience every moment. I want to look around me and enjoy the atmosphere; I want to decorate, bake, revel in my kids, and shop for gifts. I want to have a Christmas season!
And when it’s all over…I want to remember it!! 

Here's my first page put together. It includes the above text and Shimelle's opening flashcard. I chose a 5x7 size journal for quick & easy with emphasis on writing:

See you on the other side!


Emily said...

Fantastic page!! See you in class!!!

Alison said...

Great start Rachel...I made a start today, but will wait till tomorrow to photograph them
Alison xx