Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Little More Christmas

Hi friends!
 I'm popping online quickly to share a couple more little Christmas goodies that I made using ideas from the Christmas Crafting Weekend.
 I made a card using the paper weaving technique by Melissa Mann:

Another card using images cut out from patterned paper like Pam Brown's card:

And a bunch of tags for gift wrapping - the requirement being that they are 'easy to replicate'. I cut out the tag on my Cricut with the Art Philosophy cartridge, then added little pieces of pretty paper to fill in the trees, put a little sparkle on top (of course!), and stamped my sentiment. As Big Brother is currently very fond of saying..."easy, peasy, lemon squeezy"!!

I think I can officially declare the Christmas craft engines up and running!!


Alison said...

These tags are SO cute!
Alison xx

Karma said...

Very nice! They cards are amazing and each one so unique. I like the gift tags as well cute but simple.