Monday, October 31, 2011

Love Story

Continuing my stories of our ten years together...
Here's a photo that doesn't necessarily have a whole story behind the photo itself. We were visiting family in New England and my brother was showing us around the campus where he was participating in a dance camp. We got a bit silly on the steps of the outdoor amphitheatre -and much laughter rang out from all quarters.
 What I really remember about this photo though is what was going on in my life the summer that it was taken. I was struggling emotionally with a complicated relationship and I was training for the Susan G Komen 3-day walk in Washington, D.C. It was going to be 20 miles/day for 3 days - 60 miles total. That's a lot of walking!
 My sweet hubby supported me through both of these challenges: He was my cheerleader while I was training - texting me motivating messages on long walks, making me laugh when I needed it, and showing up on course at the walk to cheer me on (through two hurricanes, but that's another story altogether...). And he was my sounding board and emotional support for my relationship challenge. He never once was 'done' listening.
 So, when I look at this photo, I am reminded that we are stronger together and that one of the core values of our marriage has always been to focus more on holding the other up than on holding ourselves up. When it works right (which is most times), it's truly the best way to live life as partners.

A small aside...
 The man still lights up my life and makes me giggle with surprise on a regular basis. He sent this to me the other day in an email:
No subject, no text in the email...just this picture. Don't know where he got it, but it made me smile. Such a sweetie!

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Alison said...

Great quote..and you're right about being there to hold each other up!
Alison xx