Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm a Convert!

In a recent prompt for the Pretty Paper Party class I'm taking, Shimelle gave a link to a color wheel. Our assignment for the prompt was to make a page with two colors and a neutral (white, cream, grey, or kraft). She suggested we pick one color first and then use the color wheel to get the second color.
 Now, I've used color wheels before and not found them very useful. I have only ever used physical paper ones - I've never tried one online. I really liked the one Shimelle suggested and loved that it would show color swatches of the chosen colors next to each other. It was great to have the ability to preview the mix. It also was sliding scale from color to color so that I could choose exactly the orange I wanted...not an approximation of the orange I wanted. Very useful! I'm sure I will try it again.
 Here is the page I created:
 I started with the orange stripe in Big Brother's suit (yes, that's really him, believe it or not!). The color wheel gave me the green and I must say that I never would have chosen that color on my own. I love it...and it's even better in person. It's so vibrant and alive! As my hubby said, "color wheels are art and science working together". Obviously, I chose white as my neutral.
 For the wire flowers and the twisted wire frame around the photos, I used some old Making Memories craft wire that I have. Hooray for using old supplies! And hooray for making my very own embellishments!
 I made the ribbon flower too! I wanted to use ribbon, but a long strip wasn't working for me. I already had the flower motif going so I decided to try making one with ribbon. It took a couple tries but I managed it to my satisfaction.

So, what do you think? Do you like the green? Do you use color wheels regularly?


Alison said...

WOW Rachel! This is so off to look at this colour wheel!!
Alison xx

Karma said...

Really looks great and not only very beach-like colors, but also colors that are near and dear to your preferences. Science can have its creative moments for sure!

scrappyjacky said...

Love this page....the colours really and orange go so well together. Have never used a colour wheel...but may take a look.

Carole said...

Hi Rachel, just popped over from Shimelle's PPP to tell you that I love your LO! I have never used a colour wheel before either, but might give it a go now seeing your results!

Carole x